On October 19, 1986, she shed bloody tears and, then, thick tears of blood. Theresa, Julia's 3rd child who was thirteen at that time, found the tears of blood and screamed, "Mommy! There is blood on the Blessed Mother's face..." She began crying in her mother's arms.

 Julia was surprised and rushed to the Blessed Mother's eyes and felt intense pains in her heart. She could hardly walk. She called the pastor and sisters, who came shortly afterwards.

The bloody tears continued for about one week. As the Blessed Mother mentioned in her message that she would call the religious, many sisters came and saw the weeping.

Tears and tears of blood continued intermittently and continued even after the statue was moved to the newly-built Chapel.

“Do not let my tears and tears of blood flow in vain. 

Message of Love of the Blessed Mother, July 5, 1989

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