“Yes, My beloved little child! Until now, you have lived and willingly accepted all your bleeding pains for the benefit of others with ‘Semchigo.’ A life of ‘Semchigo,’ in accepting pains for the love of others, is truly a life of consecration, isn’t it? Therefore, how can I not do what you ask of Me?” (Message of Love from Jesus on July 5,1982)
This spirituality is one that turns everything negative into a positive. “Semchigo” is refraining and/or failing to do something you really wanted to, and instead, truly believing “As If You Did It,” and offering it up graciously.
For example, when you desire to do something, but there also may be a situation that prevents you from doing it, you can regard it as if you already accomplished it by offering up all your resignations, and then surrender it to the Lord for the benefit and peace of others: when you crave delicious food, you can give it up for the sake of others as if you had already eaten it; when you desire fancy clothes but cannot afford it, say “Semchigo,” and accept it in a positive manner as though you made the purchase by offering it up; when there is work that everyone avoids doing, do it willingly as if you really enjoy doing it saying “Semchigo.”
This is a form of sacrificial prayer, whereby you wish and seek out peace for the people around you, so that they may be filled with a sense of positive well-being and joy even though you yourself may be put in an uncomfortable situation. It is completed by joyfully offering up everything and practicing unconditional love (Refer to “The Life Prepared by the Lord”).
While the Prayers of Life is the blueprint for the rest of the Five Spiritualities, “Semchigo” came first to Julia, as she originally attained it and practiced it clearly ever since she was a young girl.


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