Turning our daily lives into Prayers

  Our Lord Jesus’ suffering and death on the Cross earned the immeasurable merits for the salvation of humanity two-thousand years ago. He desires for all the children in the world to reform their lives through sincere repentance, worship, and praise of God, Who is the Father of the entire human race, and for us to love, forgive, and reconcile with our fellow brothers and sisters for our salvation.
In these times, however, many of those who are supposed to know the Lord and the Blessed Mother, and have been chosen by Them, lack sincere repentance, love, and devoted hearts. They offer up prayers superficially and fail to reform their lives. They praise God with their lips but are again nailing the Lord to the Cross, let alone giving Him joy.
Being keenly aware of such a deplorable situation, Our Lord and the Blessed Mother, Who have appeared in Naju, taught us through Julia Kim how to turn our lives into prayers, which is a shortcut to the Lord, Who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life; the Alpha and the Omega. He, even at this time, repeatedly reminds us of its importance. Our Lord and the Blessed Mother willed to make this devotion known to all the children in the world through Julia Kim.
Jesus said, “Pray and pray again. Even if your thoughts are imperfect, offer up the totality of your lives to Me through My Mother as littler and littler persons. This is how to truly turn your lives into prayers and offerings.” (Message of Love from Jesus on June 13, 2000)
“That is because this practice of turning your lives into prayers, which you have imploring others to practice, is completed by totally offering up and turning everything into prayers from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep, not neglecting even the little and trivial things. These prayers dissolve into My Sacred Heart and My Mother’s Immaculate Heart and becomes one with Our Hearts. It pulls out the nails, one after another, which the children of the world have driven into Me by their offenses, and it becomes the prayers of consolation that wipe away My Mother Mary’s tears and tears of blood.” (Message of Love from Jesus on November 2, 2000)
“Turning your lives into prayers with all your hearts and all your love is a weapon of love, humility, and virtue that can repel any devil. It is also a shortcut to quickening the virtues and perfecting them.” (Message of Love from Jesus on August 2, 2002)


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