The Five Spiritualities of Naju

Life of Offering up
If we only try to endure and put up with the wounds that we receive, our resentment and bitterness will remain. This makes impossible for us to reach true love. 
On the other hand, if we totally believe and trust God, turning all our joys, sorrows, and weaknesses into gracious prayers to be offered up on the altar of God, we will never blame or resent others nor become depressed even when we are faced with trials and pain.
If we always make an effort to start anew by offering up our life, we will reach the true love of God. “Life of Offering Up” is closely related to “Semchigo,” as if they were two sides of the same coin. Therefore, when we practice the spirituality of “Semchigo” well, we also practice the “Life of Offering Up” better (cf. The Way of Love for the Lord #17).
The little soul never held onto resentment or hatred against those who afflicted her with insults. She never ever indulged in thoughts like, “Why did they treat me like this?” She worked diligently on whatever she was tasked with, wishing only peace for others around her. She could practice both virtues because the “Life of Offering Up” had already been implanted in Semchigo. Thus, “Life of Offering Up” was developed together with Semchigo. 
As the word “offering” is often used by religious, Julia learned that what she had practiced in her early life was actually “Life of Offering Up” after getting to know God. Equipped with understanding, she began practicing it even more intensely and elevated this to a higher level of spirituality in “Offering Up.”


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