Miraculous Water in Naju

While Julia was praying, she saw a vision of the Blessed Mother carrying several large bundles of dirty clothes, one on her head and two with her hands, and pushing another with her feet, and going up a steep mountain. 

After a while, she stopped where there was a large creek with clear water and began washing the laundry.  In the creek, a little down from where the Blessed Mother was, there were many people joyfully drinking the water, washing their hands, feet, hair and whole bodies, and playing, splashing the water.

Afterwards, Julia went to the mountain which she saw in the vision and found the place where the Blessed Mother was doing the laundry and many people were drinking the water, washing themselves, and playing.  

When Julia began digging the ground with her bare hands, one stream of water began flowing each time she dug, and this was repeated until there were a total of seven streams of water.  When Julia dug for the eighth time, the seven streams of water joined together into one larger stream.  At the present time, a large statue of the Blessed Mother stands where the Blessed Mother was standing in Julia's vision.  The current location of the Blessed Mother's spring, which is a little below her statue, is where the spring was dug..

The place where the large statue of the Blessed Mother of Naju is the spot where the Blessed Mother stood in Julia's vision, and this is the place where the miraculous spring water of the  Blessed Mother of Naju originated.

On May 27, 1993, the Blessed Mother called Fr. Spies and another priest to Her mountain and gave the following message through Julia Kim.

“My beloved daughter! God's mercy will take root at this fertile place,
which will be prepared with love, and accomplish miracles of love through you, my children.
 Therefore, hurriedly invite the priests, who have accepted my call, to the mountain chosen through you.
Following the Will of God, Who gave you free will, I am going to make that place a shrine of mine
and wash numerous souls who are walking toward hell.. 

Message of Love of the Blessed Mother, May 27, 1993

8. 27. 1992. Dig Miraculous Spring Water
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Change in the Miraculous Spring Water
Result of the water quality test
The growth of E. coli and pathogens is prevented

After a year of research by Dr. Gyula Molnar, a physician in Hungary, he revealed the amazing truth that the Miraculous Water from Naju stops bacteria such as salmonella, escherichia coli, yessinia enterocholitica and cidrobacter freundii from propagating.

The Laboratory experiments also showed that just one milliliter of the Miraculous Water from Naju could purify the entire original level of 200 milliliters tap water. As a result of a test conducted by Korea Environment and Safety Research Institute, a water expert revealed that Naju's Miraculous Water is "the world's best water" in Oct. 2013.

Julia Kim and Dr. Gyula
Julia Kim and Dr. Gyula
Testimonies of Healing
The Truth of the Miraculous Spiring Water

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