Korea, the country of the east where the sun rises,

the land of the morning

Naju, the quiet and small southern city, a town as fine as silk.

On June 30, 1985, the Blessed Mother began weeping through Her statue owned by an ordinary housewife, who was operating a beauty salon located near Moohak-dang (a shrine of several Korean martyrs during Byeong-in Catholic Persecution in the 19th Century) in the small city of Naju, Korea.

Showing the visible signs of her weeping for a total of 700 days until Jan 14, 1992, the Blessed Mother has been calling us and pleading with us, revealing to us her extreme sufferings, sometimes also sweating and shedding blood from her nose.

Also for the conversion of sinners, after preparing for 400 days, She exuded fragrant oil from Her statue by squeezing Her whole body for 700 consecutive days between November 24, 1992 and October 23, 1994. She said that this fragrant oil and the fragrance of roses were signs of Her presence, love and friendship.

The Blessed Mother has especially warned us about sacrilegious Communions. That all may believe in the mystery of the Holy Eucharist and be saved, she has given us amazing Eucharistic signs. She has also given us many messages of the combined love of Jesus and herself through Julia since July 18, 1985 until now.


Correct devotion to Our Lady of Naju and the Eucharist

If you don't know why saltwater salmon swim upwards in the rivers, you might think they're stupid.The disciples, who did not fully understand God's plan to save mankind, begged for their Master, Jesus, not to walk the way of the cross. When there is a problem with our way of thinking and the basic framework of our concepts, we cannot see reality right away and are prone to erroneous assumptions and conclusions. In relation to the current situation where all kinds of distorted information about Our Lady of Naju is being circulated, I hope that the unfortunate history will not be repeated.

Two thousand years ago, the Jewish people did not recognize the coming of the Savior and rejected Him. Now, the Savior's Mother is being rejected by our own people!

However, on the other hand, I also feel that there is nothing much to be surprised at. This is because, if the Messages and Signs of Our Lady of Naju were content that compromised with the worldly way of thinking, there might not be much opposition as it is now.

How easy would it be if the fish followed the river instead of going against the tide?

The existence of opposition and strife may prove that the truth that Our Lady brings is not a compromise with the world, but a truth that comes from God.

The problem is that those who oppose Our Lady of Naju are not atheists, they are the children of the Holy Church. We need to think seriously about this. Is there really no problem in the faith of the members of our church today? Are they really accepting the truths that Christ has entrusted to the church without diluting or corrupting them?

If the content of our present belief does not match the truth given by Christ, and if the events in Naju are truly from God, we will not be able to understand Mother Mary's Messages and Signs well, and we will feel resistance and conflict in our hearts, which is a natural consequence. For example, if we do not believe in the Eucharist according to the teachings of the Church, the Messages and Miracles related to the Eucharist in Naju will appear to us only as contradictions and troubles.

If we have forgotten that the Christian way is the way of the cross, that is, the way of love and sacrifice, we will feel resistance to Jesus Who has suffered and shed blood on the cross that Julia Kim has seen, the Blessed Mother Who shed tears of blood through Her statue, and the repeated sufferings of Julia.

Also, if we are in favor of abortion, or if we have not yet repented of the abortions we have committed in the past, we will feel that the barriers in our hearts are too high to truly accept Our Lady's messages about abortion and Julia's sufferings in reparation for the sins of abortion in this world.

In recent years, the following tendencies have been developed not only in our country but also around the world.

Devotion to the Eucharist and devotion to Our Lady have been weakened. The devotion to the communion of all the saints has been forgotten, the sacraments of confession have not been made often, and the awareness of the value of the priesthood and religious vocations has been diminished.

In addition, the faithful neglect their duty to attend Sunday Mass and fail to respond strongly to numerous evils, including abortion.

The Lord has given us the eternal truth. It has been explained by the church scholars and practiced by the saints. However, the eternal truth is not shedding much light because of our complacency.

In this state, isn't it rather natural to feel conflicted about the pure and powerful messages of love and truth from the Blessed Mother of Naju? The Messages from Our Lady of Naju require us to change ourselves according to the teachings of Christ. The messages call for abandoning secular ways of thinking, restoring family peace, and participating in the spiritual war led by the Blessed Mother by living a life of prayer, love, self-renunciation, and offering up.

So, when we can purely accept the Lord's teachings through the church, we will be able to easily understand and accept the messages and signs from the Blessed Mother that were given in the past and now through Naju. It would be a good idea to reconsider the truth about the role of the Blessed Mother, which is especially neglected in modern times, and the church's teachings on the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

1. The essential role of the Blessed Mother in the history of human salvation

It was God’s providence that the Blessed Mother plays an essential auxiliary role in the history of salvation of human beings through Christ. Therefore, He first sought the consent of the Virgin Mary through the angel, and when she agreed, the Holy Spirit came to her and the Savior was born through her. The Holy Son grew up in the womb of the Blessed Mother and even after His birth, He grew up in the bosom of Her love. And He lived with the Blessed Mother for about 30 years until He began His public ministry.

Even after Jesus started His public ministry, the role of the Blessed Mother didn’t seem obvious on the surface, but it is not difficult to see that She was supporting Her Son in a close and essential way.

The Gospel also gives us a glimpse of the Blessed Mother's role during Christ's public ministry which shows Her role as an intercessor of grace by carefully taking care of our needs and difficulties and asking Jesus for these at the wedding feast in Cana(John 2: 1-11). And under the Crucifix, She shows Her role as a helper of penance Who suffers pains for the salvation of mankind with Her Son, Jesus. (John 19:26-27).

Jesus gave the Blessed Mother to John, His disciple, who represents all Christians, as his mother. By doing so, He teaches us the important doctrine that the Blessed Mother becomes the Mother of us all and the Mother of the Holy Church.

This role of the Blessed Mother did not end with Her Assumption. Just as Jesus continues to be with us through the Church, especially through the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, the Blessed Mother does not only enjoy glory in Heaven but always takes care of the Holy Church as Its Mother together with Her Son, and puts all Her efforts and sincerity into all humanity’s repentance and salvation.

Christ has given us the truth and provided the grace of salvation through His extreme pain and death, and has entrusted it to His Church but humans do not realize this well, and repeatedly fall into errors and stay away from the truth and aim for false goals. So the Blessed Mother has repeatedly intervened in human history and gathered Her poor children who are wandering. She gave us the messages and signs in Guadalupe, Mexico in the 16th century and converted nearly 10 million Mexicans to Catholicism and extinguished the evil massacre

custom of tens of thousands of people every year by offering them up to idols. 

In 1830, the Blessed Mother gave Messages to us through Sister Catherine in Paris, France, and let her make and provide the Miraculous Medal. By doing so, She has poured out a lot of grace and helped humans turn to the Lord, and escape from evil by relying on Her.

In addition, in Lourdes, Fatima, and many other places, She has continued to appeal to mankind to wake up from spiritual neglect and sleep. I think the battle between the Woman and the devil predicted in the Book of Genesis and Revelation is finally reaching its peak, as the Messages and Signs have been given more strongly in Naju, Korea than anywhere else in the world since 1985.

News of the Messages of Love and Signs from the Blessed Mother of Naju are spreading all over the world. Countless clergy, the religious and the faithful are taking them with deep impression and gratitude, and making serious efforts to practice the Will of the Blessed Mother. This may be because they are the ones who usually have deep devotion to the Holy Eucharist and the Blessed Mother.

2. Our Lady of Naju Who leads us to the Holy Eucharist

The most emphasized Request by the Blessed Mother of Naju is that we should recognize the Lord Who is truly alive in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist and tell everyone this tremendous and important truth correctly.

But what is today's reality in the church? Not only many faithful but even some clergy do not believe in the real presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist. We must be faithful to the doctrines of the Church above all things.

In addition, we should check frequently by reading and meditating on the teachings and biographies of saints so that our thoughts may not flow in the wrong direction. In the end, the discussion of pros and cons regarding Our Lady of Naju must also be judged by the truth of the Lord entrusted to the church; that is, the content of public revelation. Either way, the one who is really faithful to the Lord's teachings bears the truth. In addition, public judgment on this, follows the authority of the bishop in the region and the pope, and when this judgment is made, all faithful must obey it.

3. The Role and Importance of Signs

One thing that opponents of Naju point out is that there are too many miracles in Naju. They question that if the Lord didn't appear on a TV show, why would He perform such a lot of miracles in Naju.

It also expresses a negative view of the miracles by making an example that Jesus flatly refused to perform such a miracle when Jewish leaders mocked Him to get down from the Cross. In conjunction with this, some even accuse Julia Kim of manipulating miracles. These unfounded accusations on an innocent one is based solely on suspicion and conjecture and any person who has a sense of responsibility must avoid these accusations.

It is against the eighth Commandment of the Ten Commandments to accuse or convict others without any guilt. The negative view of miracles, in other words, the signs, is due to the misunderstanding of God’s purpose for those signs. God does not give the signs themselves as objects of faith, nor are they to entertain us or boast of Himself.

According to the Gospels, it is written; “The disciples went forth and preached everywhere, while the Lord worked with them and confirmed the word through accompanying signs.” (Mark 16:20). In fact, the Lord also performed numerous miracles during His public ministry, and the purpose was to show people that His teachings were true.

There are so many people in the world today who say they receive messages from the Lord that they are misleading countless people. How can we distinguish between true and false messages? Its criterion is simple. It is necessary to see whether the content of the messages is consistent with the teachings of the church, and whether there are clear signs. For this reason, the signs given with the messages are very important. In Naju, the Blessed Mother also enlightened us that the signs play an auxiliary role in confirming the truth of the messages by saying “Tears are important, but the Messages are more important.” (Oct. 19, 1987)

Namely, through the messages, Our Lady of Naju has explained the teachings that the Lord had already given to us in details, with maternal

kindness and love, and also told us why her Immaculate Heart is so sad. Furthermore, She has supported the Messages with the Signs of Her Tears and Tears of Blood. And then, She re-confirmed Her extreme love and friendship, and Her presence to Her children.

And the Eucharistic Miracles that have been repeatedly shown to us so far did not mean that bread and wine turned into Jesus' Flesh and Blood through these miracles. The great miracle in which bread and wine change into Jesus' Flesh and Blood occurs whenever the priests consecrate bread and wine during Mass.

This amazing miracle of love is constantly happening every day in every Catholic Church around the world. It's just that we can't see the change with our naked eyes. The Eucharistic Miracles that have occurred in Naju so far show the contents of the mystery externally to help us accept the mystery of love more clearly. In other words, these Eucharistic Miracles support the Church's teachings on the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

This is what a true miracle means. What a beautiful and valuable role in helping us to accept truth well! Hence, we should not look down on the signs with all sort of idle remarks and forget the Lord's Will that gives us the signs.

Some Eucharistic Miracles in Naju took the form of the Eucharist descending from above in the Chapel of Our Lady of Naju, not showing the Eucharist turning into Flesh and Blood. In response to it, some speculate that Julia Kim may have taken the wafer out of her pockets. According to the testimony of those who were in the chapel at the time, not only is there no possibility of that, but it is also clear that Julia Kim or others were not involved because of the video footage of the Holy Eucharist coming down from above. Still, there were opinions that it was unclear whether it was a Eucharist or just a wafer that came down from above. This is because there is no evidence that the priest consecrated It. 

The most obvious evidence for this, was when the Seven Eucharists came down on July 1, 1995. The Archbishop ordered some of those

present to receive the Eucharists and the last One that Julia received turned into Flesh and Blood. Father Francis Su and Father Pete Martial who were there dipped their fingers in some of the blood and wiped it on a white towel, which later turned out to be human blood after going through its DNA tests at Seoul National University's forensic laboratory.

And the Eucharist that came down in the Chapel of Our Lady of Naju may have been carried by an angel from some church, or It may have come down from Heaven. Isn't the Eucharist also called the bread of angels?

In 1917, St. Michael the Archangel brought the Sacred Host to the children in Fatima. The Eucharist is Jesus Himself, Who is truly alive, so no matter what kind of shape or place He comes, it is up to Him, and we have no right to stop Him by saying, “Lord, You are not supposed to come in this manner.”

Some suspect that the miracles occur whenever Julia wants it, by pointing that the Eucharistic Miracles have mainly happened in front of the high clergy and priests so far.

Then, should the fact also be considered strange that the Signs in Guadalupe were given in front of the Archbishop Zumarraga in 1531, who was the chief minister of the local church back then? Should we suspect that the Sign was not the Lord's divine intervention, but John Diego's personal intention? Isn't it also strange that the miracles of God were repeated through Moses before Pharaoh, king of Egypt in the Old Testament?

We should keep in mind that the most sublime and important Eucharistic Miracles among the signs have been performed in front of the representatives of the Holy Church. We should be able to read God's will there. This can be seen as the Lord emphasizing the importance of the church, and the importance of the clergy who are entrusted the power of consecrating the Eucharist, the power of absolution and forgiveness, and the power of the Magisterium, as well as ordering church leaders in putting weight on the Sacrament of Communion in the Church and teach it.

4. The Messages from the Blessed Mother of Naju do not deny reality.

There is also criticism that the Messages from the Blessed Mother of Naju deny reality and emphasize only on the afterlife. It is claimed, "Even though it's recorded in Genesis that God created the world and it was good for Him to see it, why does the Blessed Mother see the world unfavorably?" Throughout the Messages of Naju, the sins and distrust that are prevalent in the world are being lamented and the need for repentance is being emphasized. However, how can this mean that the Messages of Naju are denying the world itself?

The Lord is close to sinners because He loves them, not because He condones their sins. So the Lord said to the woman who was caught in sin and almost stoned to death, "Neither do I condemn you. Go, and from now on do not sin anymore." (John 8:11)  The Lord also said, "If you belonged to the world, the world would love its own; but because you do not belong to the world, and I have chosen you out of the world, the world hates you." (John 15:19)

There is no question that this world created by God Who is an infinite good, is good. In the past, there were heresies who viewed the world as evil and our bodies as bad, but the teachings of the Church are different from those viewpoints.

Then, are the modern ideas that idolize the secular world, material things, and the body similar to the teachings of the church? Of course not. The children of the Church see the current world not as an independent object, but within the big frame of eternity. Compared to eternity, our life here on earth is too short and restricted.

So, when the life on this world is the only goal of our life, our life becomes so vain and miserable.

However, within the large framework of eternity, the value of every moment of life here on earth increases beyond imagination. Because through the life in this world, we can weave the fruits of love and happiness that can last forever, or we can plant the seeds of misery that last forever.

So, we should make efforts not to waste a single moment or live wrongly in this world.

But, how come the awkward criticism that ‘Naju is negative about the present world’ is coming out? This is probably due to the penetration of secularism into the Church in modern times. There seems to be a tendency to explain as if the center of the teaching that the Lord has spread, is about how to live this world well. Of course, the Church does not turn a blind eye to the problems of this world. No religion or organization in history might have done more education, medical care, and other welfare work than the Catholic Church.

Jesus also constantly cured the sick and fed the hungry. As long as we have the body and need the material, the Church's philanthropy works will always continue and must be supported, and we must participate with all our might.

However, we should not think that external good deeds are central to the Christian faith. When Jesus visited the home of Martha and her younger sister Mary, Martha complained about her younger sister to the Lord. However, Jesus answered, "Mary has chosen the better part." (Luke 10:38-42). St. Paul also said, If I give away everything I own, and if I hand my body over so that I may boast but do not have love, I gain nothing." (1 Corinthians 13:3).

It should not be overlooked that a person like Mother Teresa was able to live such a life of love and mercy, because there was a deep and faithful inner life that is closely united with Jesus in the Holy Eucharist and the Blessed Mother. I think it is a mistaken idea which considers the Adoration of the Eucharist as a waste of time and criticizing the Contemplative religious life as an escape from reality. This came about by not knowing the essence of Christianity.

5. The Lord Who comes through the humble and poor path.

Two thousand years ago, the Savior was born in a shabby stable in Bethlehem. In the same manner, the Blessed Mother also chose an ordinary family in a small place called Naju and has been giving tremendous Messages and Signs of Love so far.

However, we must be able to recognize the noble touch of the Lord, Who is surrounded by humility. And we should be able to understand the meaning of the deep love and mercy of the Lord through His touch. To do so, our hearts must be humble and poor. Therefore, everyone should take the hands of the Blessed Mother, Who extends Her hands through Naju, as soon as possible and revitalize the Holy Church and do our best to enlighten the world, as soon as possible.

The light of truth should drive out the darkness of error, and the river of grace through the church should flow vigorously, so that the supernatural Kingdom of God and the natural world of human beings should be bound together again, through the Blessed Mother. Because, our eternal goal is not the thing that this world can give us, but only the Lord, Himself, the perfect goodness and love.

September, 1997
Mary's Touch By Mail
Benedict Sang-min Lee

Baby Jesus' golden-color Fragrant Oil, Dec. 25, 2017
Baby Jesus' golden-color Fragrant Oil, Dec. 25, 2017

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