The Five Spiritualities of Naju

The Five Spiritualities 

What is the Five Spiritualities?

The Five Spiritualities fulfilled through the life of Julia, a little soul
(Julia’s five ways of spiritual exercise for the attainment of perfection)


The Five Spiritualities is like the Spring Water that has been drawn from the Spring of Love, the little soul’s life, for God’s purpose to quench the thirst of all the children in the world. Julia’s countless sufferings and hardships in her life started since the beginning of the Korean War. She worked without rest and did everything thoroughly, not sparing herself even though she faced exhaustion, and she treated it as if she was loved since she was 6 years old. (In fact she had been mistreated many times, but she regarded it as if “I received love” in all positive ways. This is the spirituality of Semchigo). This is the driving force that gave birth to the Five Spiritualities.


The Five Spiritualities was already fully practiced by the little soul from her early life as it is totally immersed in her spiritually, and later, it bursts into blossom and was accomplished at once after she came to know God.


As God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are Three in One, the Five Spiritualities is closely and organically connected with one another, and not segregated. If we practice the Five Spiritualities, regardless of our level of education and knowledge, holy virtues will be quickened and we will have spiritual discernment and finally will reach perfection. The Five Spiritualities leads us to a life of full repentance even to the extent that we may be able to do penance for all the sins that we commit on earth. The Lord and the Blessed Mother wish that all Their children in the world would practice the Five Spiritualities in the same way as they breathe so that they may ascend up straight to Heaven as little souls.

Propagate and widely spread the Five Spiritualities for all that you have been exclaiming in Naju so that all the children of this world may be perfectly armed with it. That alone is the Last Weapon with which they can be saved.
Message of Love from God the Father on April 18, 2014

The Five Spiritualities-related Videos

Turning our daily lives into Prayers

From the moment we wake up in the morning to the moment until we fall asleep at night, we turn everything, by not ignoring what we think as trivial and lowly, even changing a small thing into a form of prayer, offering up graciously and conforming it to God’s Will. We can also turn everything that occurred in our past into a prayer whenever we remember them. Such prayers can give birth to sanctification helping us to do penance on earth so that we need not do it in purgatory. This prayer will also fill up again and again the abyss that lies between the Lord’s greatness and our triviality, helping us to reach perfection.


This Spirituality is the foundation of the Five Spiritualities, and the prayer of sacrifice practicing unconditional love by offering up graciously everything in our lives for the benefit and peace of others even if we are in a state of adversity.
When we desire to do something for ourselves, we give it up for the sake of others as if we had already done it; when we see some delicious food and feel like eating it, we give it up for the sake of others as if we had already eaten it; when we want to buy a good dress but are faced with a budget crunch, we give it up as if we had already purchased it; and when there is some work that is disliked by everyone, we do it willingly as if we really like it. (This is Julia’s special spirituality called ‘Semchigo’)

Life of Offering up

If we only suppress and endure things, and if resentment remains in our hearts as bitterness, this would makes it impossible for us to attain true love. On the other hand, if we believe and trust God, by transforming all our joys, sorrows, and our weakness into prayers graciously, we will never blame others or become depressed even when we are faced with tribulations or pains, but by always striving to make a new start, we would definitely attain true love in life.


“Be it done to me according to Thy word.”The Spirituality of Amen is an imitation of humility to the Blessed Mother. It is a confession of total faith made without any consideration of our inconvenience or loss, without any hesitation, and with no question in regard to the consequences, by responding joyfully to the will of the Lord and the Blessed Mother. However, It is necessary to have the discernment of the Holy Spirit to discern whether it is a lie or otherwise.  

It’s My Fault

Even when we were hit and bled by the impact of a flying rock while standing still or walking in the street, we do not blame the person who threw the rock but practice charity toward them by realizing that it was my fault because I was hit as I happened to be there at the moment.”If we accept everything as my fault, the devils of division will decamp and run away.

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