The Five Spiritualities of Naju

Life of Offering up

If we only suppress and endure things, and if resentment remains in our hearts as bitterness, this would makes it impossible for us to attain true love. On the other hand, if we believe and trust God, by transforming all our joys, sorrows, and our weakness into prayers graciously, we will never blame others or become depressed even when we are faced with tribulations or pains, but by always striving to make a new start, we would definitely attain true love in life.


The Chapel of the Blessed Mother of Naju  12, Najucheon 2-gil, Naju City, Jeonnam, 58258, South Korea  

The Blessed Mother's mountain  Singwang-ro 425, Dasi-myeon, Naju City, Jeonnam, South Korea 

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