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SHOW ME THE NAJU FACT ! #8-EP3๐Ÿ“ฃClear every doubt on the Naju Miraculous Spring Water! - Healing Evidences at home and abroad!

Clear every doubt on the Naju Miraculous Spring Water! 

- Healing Evidences at home and abroad! -

Maria Kwon : 
Two Korean TV programs falsely reported on cases of healing of Naju.
We checked the facts in our previous episode. Our common sense tells us that the contents of those programs do not make any sense at all.

Q. Then, are there other cases of healing by the Miraculous Spring Water?

Peter :
Yes, in fact, if we talk about all the cases of healing through Naju Miraculous Spring Water, we would go on all day long and night, however, there would still not be enough time. So, let me just share some examples. Theresa Park Choong-seop in Seoul Let us watch her testimony.

Testimony :

When I was running a boutique store, the husband of the owner for a neighboring beauty salon would be sick all the time and even saw a ghost. He had a medical checkup and was diagnosed with valvular disease of his heart.

His wife crying to me saying “Ma’am, he’s going to die…” Despite 18 hours surgery, it became impossible to sew him up because his intestine was completely rotted.

Testimony by Teresa Park Choong-seop presented on Feb. 24, 2018 

Carrying big and small bottles of Holy Water (of Naju), I arrived there and saw him coming out of the operating room. His side was oozing blood. (because his stiches weren’t closed up)

His sister-in-law sarcastically said to me, “You’re going to save him with that water?” “Yes, this Water works wonders!” I answered.
I applied the Miraculous Holy Water on his face and body. I was back home.
And at 7 p.m., I got a call from his wife at the hospital. “Ma’am, what’s that water?”

“It’s the Miraculous Holy Water from the Blessed Mother of Naju.” I answered. “My husband came back to life!” So I brought them to Naju later. After their pilgrimage to Naju, even their nephew, siblings, and aunt became Catholic and they go regularly to church now.

Maria Kwon : 
It’s really amazing! 

Peter :
Not just that. 
Her mother-in-law drank herbicide (to suicide), and was dying. When she brought her to the hospital… When I brought her to the hospital, the doctors said she was hopeless.

They put her aside, saying it’s impossible to save her. They said if she drinks water, she will die immediately. Then I thought would it be the same in death, whether she drank water or not.

So, I just secretly fed her with the Miraculous Holy Water. Her mouth was burnt and stuck together but she swallowed the Water with large gulps. About 30 minutes later, her mouth opened and she could speak. The doctor looked at her and said,

“Oh, this is a miracle of heaven. Something like this has never happened before.”
Her stomach was burnt like ashes and her feces were equally burnt black. But even so, she said she was fine. 

Peter :
The patient had no hope. But he was Healed half an hour later and was Discharged from the hospital. It was an amazing miracle.

Sr. Michaella : 
Yes, it’s difficult to return to normal if ingesting herbicides. Victoria Oh Hyung-im’s aunt and her husband They also drank Toxic Herbicide after they quarreled (to suicide) almost died, slipping into a coma.

Doctors told her, “They drank herbicides much more than lethal doses, they have less than one in ten million chance for survival.” “You’d better let them go and start preparing for their funeral.”
But their family begged doctors to treat them even if they would die, so they were admitted to ICU.

Maria Kwon : 
Since they drank more than a lethal dose of herbicide, it seems they did not really have any chance of survival.

Q: What happened after they were hospitalized?

Sr. Michaella : 
Victoria then opened their mouths while they were dying in coma. She put in 10ml of Miraculous Spring Water in their mouths little by little for an hour. On the following day, both of their blood pressure all other symptoms returned to NORMAL!

Before that, doctors said “They will die in 20-30 minutes.” They even refused to admit the couple. But doctors now exclaimed “This is a miracle!” They were really surprised at this. After 2 weeks, the couple went on a trip to Jeju Island for their 2nd honeymoon Now they’re living a renewed 2nd Life according to their testimony.
They drank herbicides surpassing lethal doses. And they were dying. But through Miraculous Spring Water, they revived. It’s already amazing enough. Actually it happened because they were fighting, didn’t it? But after they revived by the Miraculous Spring Water, they became even closer, like newlyweds, living a second renewed life. In other words, the conflict between husband and wife was also Completely GONE! This is truly amazing!

Peter :
Yes! That’s why we called it the Miraculous Spring Water which heals both soul and body. We have another case in point. Miraculous Cure of “Marcellinus Choi Ji-han’s from Jeon-ju” When he was 4, an Acute Tumor developed in his kidney and he was dying from it. But his mother fed him with the Miraculous Spring Water, and when he was examined again…

His Acute Tumor disappeared! The doctor said, “It’s Really a Miracle, inexplicable even medically!” Then when Marcellinus was in grade school, he was diagnosed with Meningitis and was hospitalized for a month of treatment at University Hospital. But after viewing the test result, the doctor told his mother to “GIVE UP the treatment.” Marcellinus then came to Naju Shrine and drank the Miraculous Spring Water in prayer. Then his Meningitis Completely Disappeared. “It’s incredible that it happened. How could it be possible?” The doctors said in amazement.

Sr. Michaella : 
Also, Samuel from the Philippines, he was diagnosed with Stage-4 Epithelial Cancer in 2014. He came to Naju, refusing chemotherapy. He then took a shower with the Miraculous Spring Water and drank some. Afterward… He had a full MRI scan and was certified that he is “Totally free from Cancer!” 

Maria Kwon : 
It’s really amazing!

Sr :
Yes, it is. Jonathan’s father in Hawaii, suffering from Laryngeal cancer After he drank the Miraculous Spring Water, He was Completely Healed of his Laryngeal cancer without surgery! He’s been living a healthy life now.

Maria Kwon : 
Hearing about these cases of healing, I’m reminded of a miracle in the Bible, ‘The Raising of Lazarus’! There are so many cases of healing (regarding the Miraculous Spring Water)!

Q. What other cases of healing can we hear about?

Sr. Michaella : 
Yes, Lily, a Naju pilgrim from the U.S.A! Her elder brother, Fr. Joseph was dying from terminal liver cancer… She sent him the Miraculous Spring Water. It was so precious to him that he mixed 3 drops of Naju Miraculous Spring Water with normal water… His Liver Cancer was HEALED. So Fr. Joseph and Lily came on a pilgrimage to Naju together.

Maria Kwon : 
In the 6th Episode, we’ve learned that the Miraculous Spring Water has the Capacity to Purify contaminated water 200 times. Today, we’ve learned more about The Power of the Miraculous Spring Water! A Miracle even occurred when using only a few drops! We can confirm again this is really the Water of Miracle.

Sr. Michaella : 
medicine in this world is capable of curing specific disease. But the Miraculous Spring Water is from the Lord and the Blessed Mother. So, Various Healing Graces occur through praying and drinking it and washing with it in faith! Joseph from Canada severely suffered from Hepatitis B. But he couldn’t find any Cure. But when he took a shower in Naju with the Miraculous Spring Water and drank it, a Miracle occurred. His Hepatitis Disappeared, with additional ANTIBODIES being CREATED!!! (Doctor’s statement)

 Joseph’s testimony in 2018

Crescentia from Australia testified that a woman who came to Naju with her in Oct, 1993 was suffering from severe skin disease from head to feet. (Crescentia’s testimony in 2018) Julia Kim prayed over her while applying the Miraculous Spring Water. On that Night after she went back to her hotel, She said Her Hideous Skin began peeling off and she Completely Came back to Normal in 3 weeks!

Peter :
Besides these, drug addiction, alcoholism, spiritual and physical sickness and etc - There are Countless other cases of healing for various things. I can’t introduce all of them here now.

Maria Kwon : 
As you just said, we’ve looked into many cases of healing. Resurrected from death, healed from cancer. Things we read only in the Bible:
The blind saw, the deaf heard, and the mute spoke. The amazing power of the Miraculous Spring Water!

We’ve shared several examples together. Soon, we have two guests to share their personal testimonies. Vivid Testimonies by Julianna Park and Johanna Kwon The Miraculous Spring Water Its Healing Grace Now, we invite two people who will give their vivid testimonies of healing by the Miraculous Spring Water. Let’s listen to their experiences in person. Welcome!

 Johanna : 

Julianna :
I’m Julianna Park Yoon-Hwa and I used to live in Los Angeles, U.S.A., but have now moved to Naju, being called by the Blessed Mother. Nice to meet all of you!

Julianna Park Yoon-hwa
Volunteered at the local nursing home in Algeria
and at the free kindergarten in Sudan
Founded about 100 Cenacle Prayer groups at 4 Korean parishes in San Francisco, USA
25 years since she knew Our Lady of Naju
Naju Payer Group for 10 years
Pilgrimage to Naju for 9 years

When I was in U.S.A., Joseph Lee from my parish suffered from Chest tightness due to a heart problem and he often stumbled because of that. He was frequently brought to the hospital via 911 ambulance. So, I sent the Miraculous Holy Water
to him via a pilgrim from LA.

Then, after a few days, when he had another heart problem, he didn’t call 911; instead, he made the Sign of the Cross and drank a small bottle of
Miraculous Holy Water with faith.

After a little while, he felt better, and at last, he felt he became perfectly normal. So, he thought, ‘If I feel pain in my heart again, I shall drink Naju Miraculous Spring Water!’ Now he always carries it with him as an emergency medicine. It’s been over 3 years now, and he has been completely cured by the Miraculous Holy Water. 

Joseph’s handwritten-testimony

Maria Kwon : 
Heart disease is a very dangerous disease.
Q. But he was completely cured with a bottle of Miraculous Holy Water?

Julianna :
Yes! So he was surprised and we also were happy and surprised to hear him.

Maria Kwon : 
Yeah, it’s truly amazing.

Julianna :
Yes! So, he and his wife came to Naju together last Sep, 2019 to thank the Blessed Mother of Naju. I went to the Blessed Mother’s Mountain to pray together with them. After completing our prayers, we went to the Miraculous Spring and opened the faucet.

Immediately, the Miraculous Spring Water came out like Thick Undiluted Milk. We all were surprised including my husband. We shared and drank it. And, my husband exclaimed, “Oh, it smells very much like breast milk.” And he drank it. I sent this amazing photo to my son, a doctor in USA. Then, “Wow! Mom! That’s amazing!

Oh My! How was taste of the Blessed Mother’s Breast Milk?” he asked like this. ‘Oh my. Breast Milk? We call it Thick Mother’s Milk. Oh, yeah, that’s right. That’s why my husband said it smells like Breast Milk. Ah ha, does this contain the Blessed Mother’s colostrum?’ This idea did strike me. 

Maria Kwon : 
Yes, you tried to collect the Miraculous Spring Water, but the Water was white, thick milky liquid and it smelled like breast milk… So you think it is colostrum of the Breast Milk.

Julianna :
Yes. Mothers usually feed their babies with colostrum which immunizes them from diseases. So I thought, ‘Oh, right! Miraculous Spring Water contains the Blessed Mother’s colostrum. That’s why, even though Naju pilgrims have underwent persecutions for more than 30 years and even suffered misunderstanding by their families, they keep going on pilgrimage to Naju Shrine. The Blessed Mother’s colostrum in the Miraculous Spring Water is the source of their Spiritual Immunity (strength)!’ It really inspired me. 

Maria Kwon : 
Yes, it is impressive that we can get the spiritual immunity through the Blessed Mother’s colostrum. 

Julianna :
Yes! So he went back to USA and shared his experience about the Graces from the Blessed Mother of Naju with the faithful of his parish. Now he spreads Naju wisely from one to another there. 

Maria Kwon : 
The amazing fact is that the Miraculous Spring Water is Milk of Grace given from the Blessed Mother. 

You came here in person to vividly testify. Here we have another guest today, right?

Johanna :
Yes. Hello! I am Johanna Kwon Yu-jin. 

In April, 2003, I had a Big traffic accident. Let me tell you how serious the accident was. Despite the wet road from the heavy rain that day, the accident left a long tire track marked clearly on the ground.

The taxi which I took was completely crushed and had to be scrapped. It was a Serious Accident. At the time, my condition was… On my frontal lobe part, I was very seriously injured and I bled very badly. And according to a witness, imagine a paper box, like a strong fist smashed the paper box, so too my forehead was crushed.

Sr. Michaella : 
Your forehead was crushed! It must have been a terrible accident! 

Johanna :
Yes, it was awful. Now that I think of it, I was dying. (serious emergency) The paramedic, who was moving me to hospital, said “She’s bleeding too profusely in her head and it doesn’t look like she may live.” Listening to him (I am going to die), my friend cried her eyes out, and she said later because I was unconscious at the time.
I was taken to the ER while unconsciousness.

And even doctors felt my condition was very serious and told my family the difficulty in their first application of treatment for me. It was such a serious situation. So when my mother realized my condition was serious she thought ‘Save my daughter!’

So, on my damaged frontal lobe of my forehead, it was Miraculous Holy Water that she poured out. Maybe for doing that, she received scolding from the doctors.

After pouring it with the first aid, I got a thorough checkup. And the result… what do you think the result revealed? There was nothing wrong with me! (No brain damage)

So, not only the medical team but also the people around me were astonished and said, “This lady is very lucky.”
“Although she had lost so much blood from her head, there was nothing wrong at all. What a lucky.” This was in accordance with medical team and people around me.
“But it’s not that I was lucky. I am sure that it was a miracle of the Miraculous Holy Water from the Blessed Mother of Naju.” 

Maria Kwon : 
You had a serious injury on your forehead.
Q. Then how is your forehead now?

Johanna :
At that time, my forehead was just like a bashed and hammered-in paper box. It was horrible sight. But as you can see now, there isn’t any visible scar anymore! 

Sr. Michaella : 
“Yes, indeed, I can’t find any scars!”

Johanna :
Amazingly, I was healed well and returned to normal, fully recovering without any aftereffects. Beside the injury in my head, I also had pains from my spine due to the accident. But with the severe wounds on my head, the medical team overlooked my spine, I think. I kept complaining of spinal pain because it really hurt. However, what they suggested for me was to exercise a lot. (doctor’s prescription) For the case of my bone aches, I had to keep exercising so that my bones and muscles recover quickly, as they said. I couldn’t sit, nor lie down. It was so painful, yet I was advised to exercise. 

My father, who is also a doctor, saw me with so much pain and thought it was a rather strange diagnosis. So he referred me to a Specialist for second opinion. I was moved to another hospital to undergo another checkup again.
The result showed, “Multiple Spinal Fractures” Five parts of my vertebrae T 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 were Broken. If I had nerve damage because of spinal fractures, it could cause serious problems, so it means I was in a very serious condition. The doctor who misdiagnosed me in the first hospital fled to the US. It shows how serious the situation was.

Maria Kwon : 
As you had even five spinal fractures, it’s no wonder that aftereffects would follow!

Johanna :
Yes, that’s true. My spine was so terribly painful and beyond description.
The second specialist who diagnosed me accurately said, “She needs to get an anesthetic injection in her spinal nerve to relieve her pain. Otherwise, she simply cannot bear it.” However, at that time, Painkillers, steroids, and many kinds of medicines were continuously given to me almost every few minutes, for 24 hours a day. But far from relieving my pain, it ended up keeping me intoxicated. I kept suffering more and more to the point of my death… My mother firmly believed,

‘The only way to save my daughter is the Miraculous Spring Water from the Blessed Mother of Naju!’ She asked the doctor’s permission to stop all medications for me.
But the doctor said, “It doesn’t make sense at all! She is dying from pain despite every available treatment…”

“She even has to undergo a nerve block procedure. Does that make any sense to you?” My father has already experienced the Grace of Healing with the Miraculous Spring Water. So he agreed with my mother and sought permission from the hospital. Finally, only an observation was allowed without further treatment in the hospital.

Yes, since then, my mother applied the Miraculous Holy Water on my damaged spine every day and night. And she also asked Julia to pray for me Thanks to Julia’s offering up her suffering and prayer for me, MY PAIN COMPLETELY GONE! It’s really amazing to think about it even now!

Maria Kwon : 
I think you received a really amazing grace.

Johanna :
It was really hard for me because it was too painful to sit, stand, or lie down but when this unendurable pain was gone, my hospital life like hell changed to Heaven!
Like carefree life I had a great time resting there everyday. In April, I got into the serious Traffic Accident. In May, I was diagnosed with 5 vertebral compression fractures (through MRI scanning) In June, My Bones Developed and I Recovered!

On the MRI scan during my 2nd checkup in June, the radiologist questioned,
“The Bone has already Developed this much?” Comparing it with the test done in May to June, In May, I was diagnosed with 5 vertebral compression fractures. In June, the result of MRI showed I was back to NORMAL! How amazing the Bones have formed back within a month! 

Medical specialist’s review

Let me read the doctor’s note.

“Generally, the case of compression fractures, especially multiple fractures caused by accidents, result in severe pain and difficulties for the patient’s quality of life. In this case, it was completely cured within a month, and can be understood to be a miracle that cannot be explained by medical terms.”

My father, who is also a doctor, thanked the Almighty God for granting this amazing miracle. 

Maria Kwon : 

Johanna :
I was spared from the danger of death, and even saved from the danger of permanent life impairment. And I was brought back to normal from my head to toe. This is Incredible Healing for me!

The Amazing Miracle that Jesus and the Blessed Mother Who appear in Naju have granted through Julia! I truly appreciate it infinitely. Even since then, I have attended every Prayer Meeting of Naju including the 1st Saturdays.

Maria Kwon : 
The Multiple Spinal Fractures caused by accident! The Bones Developed within a month and became Normal, healed by the Miraculous Spring Water! We have shown this amazing testimony to you here today with the doctor’s note.

Thank both of you again for coming today to be with us together and sharing your vivid testimonies. 

Julianna, Johanna : 
Thank you!

Maria Kwon : 
Today, we have checked the cases of healing through the Miraculous Spring Water
on the basis of the medical statement! That’s exactly what we showed you on our broadcast! In addition, if you visit Mary’s Ark of Salvation Website Mary’s Ark of Salvation YouTube you will be able to discover
countless testimonies in writings and videos.

Even so, two Korean TV programs arouse doubts, DENYING these experiences of graces by so many people and FABRICATING them to falsehood. But, through today’s fact check, those two Korean TV programs are confirmed as “Fake News”

“Let anyone who thirsts come to me and drink!”
John 7: 37

I wish that more people would be able to enjoy this grace from the Lord and the Blessed Mother. I hope these truths and graces will spread more widely throughout the world. 

In the next show on Episode 9,
we are going to do Fact-Check on the incident of the Fragrant Oil cloth that ‘PD Notebook’ shed doubt on.

Show Me the Naju Fact


Don’t forget-! See you next time. Goodbye!

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