The Five Spiritualities of Naju

It's My Fault


Even if I am hit bloody by a rock while standing still or walking in the street, I do not blame the person who threw the rock, but practice charity towards them by realizing that it was “My Fault” because I was in that area. When I am injured, I offer it up graciously, even the pains of bleeding. 
Likewise, if we accept everything as “My Fault,” quarrels cannot exist among us and the devils of division will decamp and run away. Thus only joy and peace will be with us anytime and anywhere.

The Chapel of the Blessed Mother of Naju  12, Najucheon 2-gil, Naju City, Jeonnam, 58258, South Korea  

The Blessed Mother's mountain  Singwang-ro 425, Dasi-myeon, Naju City, Jeonnam, South Korea 

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