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2002August 2, 2002- Turning your life into prayers with all your heart and with love!

Message on August 2, 2002

I felt pains so severe, as if my whole body had been beaten with a heavy object, that I almost lost my bodily control and was unable to get any sleep for several days.  I offered these pains up in reparation for the sins of obscenity being committed by numerous people, male and female, old and young, and indiscriminately of place and time, and for the conversion of those who commit these sins.  At about 4 a.m., I saw a vision.

There was a wagon decorated with all kinds of dazzling ornaments.  There were many people in it.  Unlike the black appearances of those people in the wagon whom I saw in an earlier vision which the Blessed Mother showed me (August 25, 1989), these people who were in the wagon this time looked somewhat dark but had quite normal appearances.  This means that the devils are now luring people in more cunning ways than before and, unless we are awake, it will be difficult for us to discern their true nature.

The cunning devils were mobilizing all the available means to get even one more soul on the wagon, not only from among the worldly people but also the children of the Church and even those who had been called.  There were some souls who were fascinated by the beautiful appearance of the wagon and got on the wagon for curiosity, even without much effort by the devils. 

However, what was more dumbfounding was that even those who were supposed to make the Lord known were joining hands with the devils in placing many souls in the wagon.  It was a miserable scene that one could not even look at with open eyes.

When I saw this, I screamed loudly, "No! That wagon will take you to hell!"   Then, I prayed earnestly, "Lord! Blessed Mother!  Please help and save them!"   At that moment, I heard the voice of Jesus, which had a loving but sorrowful tone, even though I could not see Him.

"My beloved little soul!  With a dead faith unaccompanied by works, they say with their lips that they love God and make Me and My Mother known, but instead are misusing their free will with pride and becoming wolves in sheep's clothing, driving the herds of meek sheep to their death.  Without knowing their true condition, they are mired in mud, unceasingly pursuing only their own satisfaction.  As I watch all this, My Heart flames up with pains of having to see such vile scenes. 

As beasts are fattened before they are taken to the slaughterhouse, those who are joining hands with the devils are instigating numerous souls?curiosity and dazzling them with all kinds of pleasing words and disguised good-looking acts, binding them with invisible chains of sins and dragging them to the swamp of eternal death.  For their repentance, how many times have I and My Mother manifested signs and implored them through you who are unworthy?  Even so, instead of humbly and correctly making Me and My Mother known with the grace given to them, they are being led only by their desire and are pursuing the most contemptible things, mistakenly believing that these things are the most valuable good.  It would be correct to say that they are truly beasts covered with mud.

All their efforts and activities that are packaged into beautiful appearances will dazzle many souls and take them into vanity and superficiality.  In the end, they will make even the meek souls who have been called unable to discern and will separate them from My love. "

I prayed, crying,  "Oh, my Lord!  Save them who are so pitiable."

"Oh, My beloved little soul!  For how many days have My Mother and I implored them, repeating the same words again and again and manifesting numerous signs?  However, they cling to and implore My Mother and Me only when they are in pains, as if trying to grab a life buoy.  Once they receive the grace that they have been asking for, they turn around and turn their faces away, making My Sacred Heart and My Mother's Immaculate Heart become pierced by the sharp swords of betrayal, become torn apart countless times, and bleed endlessly. 

But, daughter!  You know well that My Mother's arms are aching severely as if they were falling apart, as she pulls the children out of the wagon, in order not to lose even one soul.  Those numerous children who are spiritually blind and deaf. . . they turn around soon after they have been gotten hold of. . . they are gotten hold of again, but they soon turn around and walk on the evil way again. . .  Thus, when I look upon those children who have fallen away by misusing their free will, there are many times when I even regret that I have allowed them free will."

Should I go into the wagon and pull out those souls?

How can you go into that terrible den of beasts?

I am the Lord's, if I die; I am the Lord's, if I live.  I will go in there, if I can save even one of those souls.

I went in the wagon which looked beautiful. From the outside, the wagon did not look big, but, when I entered it, it was enormously large and there were numerous souls in it. I screamed, "Let's hurry up and get out of here. If you stay here, you will go to hell. It is not too late yet. Let's hurriedly get out of here." I barely finished my words, when the devils, whom I could not clearly see, said, "Kill this wretched woman! Because she continues to interfere with our work, we cannot let her live any longer. We have been extremely resentful, because she has been taking away the souls whom we won with so much difficulty. This time, this wretched woman walked into our den on her own. She must never leave this place alive!" Immediately, many devils began attacking me simultaneously, throwing at me extreme curses that one would not even dare to utter, hitting, scratching, pinching and biting me hard on my whole body. Without thinking much of what they were doing, I exerted myself as hard as I could to help the souls escape from the wagon, almost throwing them out of there one after another. Where did I get that kind of energy? It was possible only because the Lord helped me invisibly with His hands as I was not giving up to the end to save even one more soul.

What was even more amazing was that, previously (August 26, 1989), I was chasing away the devils, hitting them with a rosary, but, this time, I was chasing away the devils not only with the rosary prayer but also by turning my life into prayers. The Lord was showing us how important it is that we turn our lives into prayers in this urgent age. Each time I threw out one soul out of the wagon, I prayed that the Blessed Mother would embrace that soul in her bosom and feed it with her milk and bathe it in the Lord's Precious Blood, enabling the soul to live a new life of resurrection. I continued praying like this even while struggling with the devils.

When the devils scratched, pinched, bit, and hit me, and grabbed and shook my hair, they plucked out a handful of my hair. I earnestly prayed that as many sinners as the hairs that were plucked out might repent.

Also, every time the little souls, who lead their lives according to the Blessed Mother's messages, prayed the rosary and did not squander even the most trivial things but turned them into prayers, more power was transmitted to me, enabling me to repel the devils and save more souls.  As the devils were being defeated by our turning our lives into prayers at every moment and the souls whom the devils had taken great pains to place in the wagon were being rescued, the devils attacked me all in a bunch, biting me and striking me relentlessly with all kinds of weapons.  My whole body became covered with blood.  At that moment, Jesus stretched out His hands, radiating light on me, and spoke.

"Turning your life into prayers with all your heart and with love is a weapon of love, humility, and virtues that can repel any devil.  It is also a shortcut to quickly acquiring virtues and advancing toward perfection."

The light that He was radiating penetrated my heart and shone upon all the souls who were turning their lives into prayers and were helping me.  When I got up in the morning, I saw my whole body covered with blood.



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