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2002June 11, 2002 - Make unceasing efforts to turn your lives into prayers.

Message on June 11, 2002

I was struggling with pains, unable to sleep all night.  Then, I was between being asleep and being awake and saw the Blessed Mother weeping sorrowfully on her mountain near Naju.  Very surprised, I got up quickly and looked at the clock. It was 5 a.m.  Realizing that the Blessed Mother was calling me to the mountain, I woke up a helper, and together we went to the mountain.

As I did whenever I came to the Blessed Mother's mountain, I first prayed before the statue of Our Lord praying in Gethsemane.  Then, I knelt, prayed and meditated at the place where the Eucharist, which I had received, had turned into visible Flesh and Blood in the shape of a heart during the Mass concelebrated by His Excellency Roman Danylak and two other priests on September 22, 1995.  As I was vividly remembering what happened on that day, I thought that: "The Eucharist is the Flesh and Blood of Jesus Who is alive; pieces of flesh are being torn off from His Sacred Heart, which is burning with love, and He is giving them to us," and prayed for the conversion of sinners and the sanctification of the clergy.

At that moment, I entered an ecstasy and saw numerous people who were turning their faces away from God and were in the state of sin.  Especially, people, male and female, old and young, were unhesitatingly pursuing pleasure and committing sins of impurity.  Every time they did so, the Sacred Heart of Jesus became torn apart into pieces.  That was not all!  Even some of the clergy and religious, who were supposed to be immersed in the Love of the Lord and make Him known, were not living according to the Lord's Will but were indulged in pleasure, committing sins and making the Lord's Sacred Heart become torn apart.    

Furthermore, the children who had been called were not living according to the Lord's Will, but were piercing His Sacred Heart with countless arrows.  Because they were trying to become higher than others, joining forces with the devils of pride, jealousy, and envy, they were hating each other and getting angry with each other, and were even committing murders.  The Lord's whole body became covered with blood. 

At that moment, I said to the Lord, "Lord!  I am unworthy and weak, but wish to participate in Thy suffering even a little."  The Lord said, "Are you willing to suffer pains in reparation for what the sinners are doing?" I answered, "Yes, Lord, if it can be even a little consolation to the Lord and the Blessed Mother and help sinners repent."

From that moment, I received the pains of being poked with an iron rod, the pains of being beaten with a club, the pains of being struck by rocks, and more.  The pains in the lower part of my body in penance for the sins of impurity were indescribably severe. I almost lost consciousness. Then, the Lord, covered with blood, spoke with a sad, but loving, voice.

"Thank you, my beloved, lovely little soul!  Do not worry about anything as you have been interspersing my plans.  My numerous children of this world, who are on the brink of ruin, are enwrapped with a huge storm and are faced with an extreme danger.  As they have become spiritually blind and do not realize (the danger), My Mother has sent them ardent pleas by fully mobilizing many kinds of images and methods in order to save them.  However, even many of the clergy and religious are wavering without principle instead of helping and protecting.  They are even standing on the side of those who persecute Me and My Mother, and are interfering with the works that I and My Mother are doing. 

What else could this be than cruelty and cold-heartedness?  Such cowardly and unreliable people are echoing what others are saying without knowing by themselves, and thus are clogging the Church.  This (situation) is no different from an invisible grave.  Even most of the children who have been called are unable to discern the cunning devil's tricks and are moving farther away from God, committing all kinds of sins, indulging in sports and even enjoying obscene chatting on the internet, and are actually in the state of the sins of impurity, instead of becoming the apostles of the Sacred Heart who illuminate this world which has become pitch-dark.  They have been tearing apart My Heart and My Mother's into pieces, instead of repairing their wounds. "

Then, Jesus opened up His Sacred Heart that had been torn apart into pieces, saying, "Now, look!" From His Heart, pieces of flesh and drops of blood fell down.      

"My beloved daughter!  Now it is just before the descent of the punishment.  That is why My Mother is tightly holding God the Father's hand, which is lifted up high, holding the cup of wrath, imploring Him and asking Me with tears.  That is why I have been urging the children in the world to repent by manifesting various kinds of signs in Naju, Korea, which I have never shown until now, for their salvation, but the children who have rushed to Me and My Mother have been extremely few.

Oh, my beloved sons and daughters who have been called!  I have completely opened up My Sacred Heart and given up even the last drop of blood and water for your sake.  For now, you may experience misunderstanding and persecution and become wounded in the divided Church while making Me and My Mother known, but remain awake and pray, not forgetting that My Mother and I are always with you at your side and offer up graciously even the pains of internal bleeding.  And make greater efforts so that not only the children who have been called but all the children in the world may become completely dissolved in My Sacred Heart and My Mother's Immaculate Heart, achieve unity as one as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are One, and arrive at sanctity. 

Make it known to all that the shortcut to arriving at sanctity and achieving unity is to turn your lives into prayers, and go forward bravely with the wisdom and courage of the young David so that every soul without exception may be saved in the joy of forming harmony with the Saints.

My beloved little souls who have been called!  Since a long time ago I have earnestly wished that Masses be celebrated at this place where My Mother is with you, but my request has been denied.  However, you must remain awake and pray, as, before long, it will become known that I am really alive and breathing in the Eucharist and am present in It with My Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.

Even the children who are supposed to be close to Me and make Me known have turned their faces away from the words and signs that My Mother and I have been giving them and have forgotten the sublime simplicity of the Eucharist, which is My Substance, and of the Gospels, and are trying to explain Me with deceptive talks and complicated logic.  Isn't this like throwing mud at the simple people?

Now, all the beloved children in the world!  Remembering that, because I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one can enter the Heavenly Kingdom without going through Me, offer up little flowers made of renunciations for the sake of the conversion of sinners, as Moses gave up his right to inherit the royal throne and Abraham gave up Isaac.

I will grant you whatever you ask truly for My sake, but perfunctory prayers cannot move My Father, My Mother, or Me.  Now, as there is no more time to hesitate or procrastinate, make haste to combine your efforts and make a new start.  Be loving even to those who have human faces and beastly hearts, as you would do to Me.  If you join forces with the devil of division, you do not deserve to say that you truly know Me.  Therefore, remain awake and pray at every moment so that you may not join forces with the devil of division.  Make unceasing efforts to turn your lives into prayers and possess the fruits from the tree of eternal life.  I bless you all with the love that is flaming up in My Sacred Heart. "

When the Lord ended speaking, I could not see Him any more.  Suddenly there was a strong dusty wind, and I struggled not to be swept away by it.  Soon, light shined from the sky and the strong dusty wind stopped.  I was surprised, because there was the Blessed Mother in the sky with a sun-like bright light around her head.  The helper who was with me assisted me to sit up.  A while later the light was not visible any longer.  (It was a cloudy day.)

At that moment, the helper uttered, "Uh!" and went to the spot where a Eucharistic miracle had occurred on September 22, 1995.  Suddenly, he shouted, "Ah! There are lots of fresh blood marks on the ground.  It must have come down just now." I went to that place also.

Oh!  What a wondrous sign. . .  There were fresh blood marks on the ground, around a table on which photographs of the Eucharistic miracle on September 22, 1995 were being displayed.  Blood on some rocks was thick and moving as if breathing. 

We were speechless before the Lord's inestimable love and amazing mystery.  We just sat down plump and cried.  A while later, I tried to stand up and walk, but couldn't.  So, I crawled to a nearby restroom and realized that the lower part of my body was badly damaged; all over my body, there were poking marks, which were made with an iron rod, and many bruises; and the sides were very swollen.  I felt extreme pains from the head to the toes.  Nevertheless, I could smile with much joy, because I was allowed to participate in the Lord's sufferings even a little and also because I thought that more sinners would repent as the Lord opened up His Heart and shed blood at the place where the Eucharist had turned into visible flesh and blood.

When I dipped my finger in the fresh Precious Blood, the Blood continued to pulsate, pulling my finger rhythmically and with some force, like a living person's heart.  At one moment, the Blood even splashed up.  We counted the pulse in the Blood, and it was 87 times per minute. My pulse was 72.  Pulses were different among those who were present (Some of them came to the mountain later).  Especially when Julio, my husband, touched my finger, the Precious Blood on it momentarily splashed up even making a sound.  Everyone who saw this was totally amazed.

Lord!  Praise, thanksgiving, glory, and adoration to Thee!  May our gratitude never dry up!  Amen.


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