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2007March 25, 2007 - Even if you are helplessly faced with extreme difficulties

Message on March 25, 2007 - First Saturday



“My beloved clergy, sons and daughters who have been called!
I have been nurturing all the clergy of this world as my beloved sons whom I can put in my eyes without feeling any pain. However, this Mommy’s Heart has been suffering the pains of being torn into pieces, as the great majority of the shepherds have not been following my Son Jesus and me, even though We have been screaming until Our throats have become torn, but, instead of recognizing the crisis in which this world has become situated because of the ferocious devil’s violence, they remain spiritually blind and deaf, and are joining forces with the devil.
Until now I have been showing unprecedented miracles, which I have not shown anywhere else in the world, for the Pope, Bishops, priests, religious and all the children in the world through the expiatory sufferings of my little soul, who has been called to a great role, accompanied by her entreaties filled with love and sacrifices, and have also revealed what the shortcut to Heaven is, repeating the same words again and again.
However, as even the great majority of the clergy and religious whom I have chosen have lost their ability to discern, become confused and spiritually blind and deaf, lost their sense of direction, become preoccupied with misled spiritualities, and thus are instigating other innocent souls to walk on the road to hell, I cannot look at this any longer and am asking for help like this.
You must never complacently think that the numerous large-scale disasters that occur in the sky, on earth, and in the sea, that is, frequent earthquakes, tsunamis, torrential rains and typhoons, heavy snowfalls and forest fires, famines and plagues, wars and murders, confrontations and conflicts among different nations and different races, disintegration of families and killings among relatives, etc. are just natural disasters and random accidents.
Because this current world ignores and offends the dignity of God and thus has become more corrupt than in the times of Sodom and Gomorrah and its pride exceeds that of the Tower of Babel, I have been showing numerous unprecedented miracles and signs in Naju, Korea, and have been pleading for the practice of my messages of love even by repeating the same words again and again through the little soul whom I have chosen.
Because the whole world can be saved, only if Naju is officially approved as soon as possible, I am making this anxious plea, but even the clergy who say that they love me much are turning their faces away from me as if they do not know me because of their face-saving and others’ eyes. However, when the messages of love from my Son Jesus and me interspersed with love are accepted by the Church and are put into practice, God the Father’s just wrath will be softened, the truth and order will be restored, and the cunning devil who instigates disorder and causes wind will be toppled.
Clergy, and sons and daughters who have been called! Even if you are helplessly faced with extreme difficulties and dangers while making me known by helping my little soul, I will rescue you to safety and let you enjoy eternal happiness with me in the heavenly garden. Therefore, make haste to combine your forces and make a fresh new start. When you work displaying the power of love more zealously and offering up your loyalty more heroically, I will always help you and comfort you at your side and become not only your heavenly crown on the last day but also a floral crown for you while you live in this world."

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