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2006November 4, 2006 - You should never forget that I intend to save you with…

Message on November 4, 2006 - First Saturday

Together with other pilgrims, I prayed the rosary walking on the Way of the Cross, where the Lord and the Blessed Mother walk with us.  I felt it would be too hard because of pains, but managed to walk two rounds on the Way of the Cross hoping that my prayer intentions would be granted.  Then, I stood before the Crucifix on Mt. Calvary and looked at Jesus, meditating on His suffering.  While I was looking at Him, one tear drop was shed from His right eye, while a stream of tears flowed down from His left eye.

Immediately, I said, “Oh, my Love!  Jesus, the Savior of the whole human race!

How anxious the Lord must be to have poured down so much Precious Blood for the conversion of sinners and now even to shed tears!  Thy beloved children gathered here eagerly implore Thee to allow them to become the handkerchiefs of love that wipe away the tears that the Lord has shed.  With the Lord’s merit earned through Thy suffering on the Cross and with the amazing Love of the Lord with which Thou hast conquered death and resurrected, send down the sweet rain of love upon all the souls so that they may repent.

Thus, manifest the Lord’s glory by working the miracles of love of washing away all their sins so that all the souls gathered here, without any exception, may repent, manage well the graces they have received to avoid becoming like a broken jar that cannot hold water, and become faithful instruments which work for the glory of God and the triumph of the Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart.

While I was screaming inside my mind, Jesus began speaking very kindly:

"Oh, My beloved little soul who has been called!
Sins widely spread in this world have reached a state that I cannot even look at with My open eyes.  Even the great majority of My children and shepherds who have been called are offending and contradicting the infinitely holy God by laying down their crosses saying that they are too heavy, and focusing on perfunctory matters only instead of offering up little flowers of self-renunciation at every moment, and thus by not only distancing themselves from the origin of love but also having completely forgotten about My Divinity and become spiritually blind and deaf.

That is why I, Who am the way, the truth, and the life, and My Mother, who is the Helper in Redemption, have been screaming until Our throats become torn, even showing numerous signs, but, instead of defending the truth when they see errors, they stay in the rear uttering judgmental words, and thus earn God the Father’s just wrath.  In such a time, how can I not be happy through your making bleeding efforts, having responded to My Mother’s call with Amen with the transcendence of My Love with which I love even the wickedest sinners, drawing close to Me like this, and graciously offering up sacrifices and reparations and also through the prayers by the children who are joining you.  That is why I am shedding the tears of joy.

All my dear children in the world!
You should never forget that I, Who love you so much, intend to save you with the eternal life earned through the immeasurable and boundless love and the salvation of the cross by transfusing into you the Blood that I shed while hanging on the cross like this in order to thoroughly wash away your sordid stains.

You who rush to Me through My Mother, who is the Helper in My Work of Salvation, the Mediatrix of Graces, and the Co-Redemptrix, without looking back regardless of the situation you are in, will be recognized as good grains at the time of the Last Judgment and be blessed with eternal happiness together with My Mother escorted by the angels at My Table in My Kingdom.  I bless you so that boundless blessing, love, and peace may be with you always."

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