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1986October 22, 1986 - Before love, all the devils will give up.

Message on October 22, 1986

While I was praying, I began feeling a heavy pressure on my shoulders and was losing energy in my whole body. I fell, as an extreme pain was starting.

Listen to the sounds of driving nails on me. I am being crucified together with my Son.

How can we soothe the painful wounds of Jesus and how can we pull out all the nails from His hands and feet?

The Blessed Mother showed me the scene of her being crucified and asked me to experience it with her. It was an indescribably miserable scene. She was being crucified, every time we sinned and every time we judged others. Her body became full of wounds and it was hard even to breathe. Who will cry for us and who will put into practice what Our Lady is asking of us?

Mother, please tell me. Your servant is listening. I am not afraid of pains. I want to comfort you by suffering your pains.

I received the pains of crucifixion and of being hit by arrows and swords. The Blessed Mother spoke again.

Who will pull out these nails, arrows and swords? The nails are bigger, go deeper and are harder to pull out when they are caused by my close children.

Now, my children! Receive pliers from me and hand over the hammers that you have been holding in your hands until now. Pull out all the nails with the pliers. Also, keep this weapon well. The devils' job is to take the pliers away from you and give back the hammers. They constantly keep an eye on you, so be alert and on your guard. The shields and weapons that you can use against them are prayers and the arrows of love. Before love, all the devils will give up.


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