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2024Message of Love from the Blessed Mother on March 28, 2024, Holy Thursday

Message of Love from the Blessed Mother 
received by Julia Kim of Naju on March 28, 2024, Holy Thursday

On Holy Thursday, commemorating the day when Jesus instituted the Sacraments of the Eucharist during His Last Supper, known as the Day of the Priest,  the Mass of the Lord’s Last Supper was celebrated at the Vinyl Chapel on the Blessed Mother's Mountain. While the main presider was performing the rite of the Maundy for twelve pilgrims, I prayed fervently with tears.

“My beloved Jesus, Who laid down all of Himself to the point where He was nailed to the Cross and died for the salvation of the human race while receiving all kinds of ridicule and being hit by the rocks (thrown by the crowd)! Our Loving Mother who shows us Her presence, love, and friendship by squeezing Her whole body and exuding fragrant oil and by sending down Her thick milk!

Today, only twelve laypersons are participating in the rite of the washing of the feet, but I pray for all these domestic and foreign priests and pilgrims who have been called here. With the Precious Blood of Jesus and the Fragrant oil of the Blessed Mother, please wash clean not only their feet but also their whole bodies from head to toe including the ones whose souls and bodies are sick. Wipe them and open what has been clogged (in their hearts), healing their souls and bodies completely and making them be born anew. Feed us with the Blessed Mother’s thick milk and let all of us resurrect together when Jesus resurrects.

At that moment, the Blessed Mother affectionately began to speak :

The Blessed Mother : “Yes, My beloved daughter who is suffering death agonies by always participating in the pains of My Son Jesus and Myself for the conversion of sinners! Thank you. As My Son Jesus and I are listening attentively to the sounds of your prayers filled with the most sincere love and devotion, We are receiving much comfort from your sacrifice and penance offered for the repentance of sinners. Therefore, how could We not grant your plea? Of course, We will.

At that moment, a profuse amount of the Fragrant oil and the thick Milk came down in the waiting room of the vinyl-tented Chapel where I was staying, followed by the descent of the Precious Blood of Jesus. A nun who attended to me and prayed with me was amazed, exclaiming, “I heard a loud swoosh sound when the Fragrant Oil descended. And I saw dewdrops (tears) welling up in your eyes when you prayed so fervently. So I asked myself, ‘For what intentions did she pray?’ Then, in response to your fervent prayers, the Fragrant Oil, the Blessed Mother’s Thick Milk, and even the Precious Blood were granted.”

On March 28, 2024, Holy Thursday, the Fragrant Oil and 
the Blessed Mother’s Thick Milk descended in the waiting room of Julia.

Before the Blessed Mother’s Thick Milk disappeared.

The Fragrant Oil and the Blessed Mother’s Thick Milk were gradually disappearing. This means that 
the signs of love, in accordance with Julia’s intentions, are spiritually absorbed into pilgrims.

The Fragrant Oil and Mother's Thick Milk, sent down profusely, even to become stagnant on the floor.

The Fragrant Oil and Mother's Thick Milk, sent down profusely, even to become stagnant on the floor.

We rejoiced together and closely gazed at the Fragrant Oil and the Blessed Mother’s Thick Milk while singing glory and praise to the Lord. At that moment, Jesus once again sent down His Precious Blood here and there in the room. Despite various forms of suffering that I offered up more than usual during this Lent, I felt immense joy, believing that the Lord and the Blessed Mother would nurture the priests and the many pilgrims from home and abroad who participated in the 2024 Holy Triduum in Naju, feeding them with Thick Mother’s Milk and healing their souls and bodies with the Precious Blood.

The Precious Blood descended again.

The Precious Blood descended on the floor in the waiting room of Julia.


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