The Way of Love for the Lord
(Julia Kim's intimate Conversations with Our Lord by His Guidance)

8. The Holy Eucharist that I received everyday came to my soul as a sweet rain (Easter of 1981)

Chapter 8.  The Holy Eucharist that I received everyday came to my soul as a sweet rain (Easter of 1981)

I used to attend the Holy Mass without missing even once when I was a catechumen. Even though I had not been able to receive Holy Communion as a catechumen, how fervently I had desired to meet the Lord through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass which I had never missed!

At last, I was baptized a Catholic and was able to receive Holy Communion. How fervently I had desired to receive the Holy Eucharist until then! With what could I compare this joy?

Even if a pilgrim wandering through a desert for three whole days found an oasis, would that joy and happiness exceed mine? And even if a farmer saw that it was raining after 7 years of drought, would that joy and happiness exceed mine?

Jesus living in the Holy Eucharist! As I thought that the Lord who is all of my love would live in me from then on, it came to me as an immense happiness that could never be compared with anything in the world. Now the Lord who is my beloved is coming to me personally. The Lord who came to me as a sweet rain through the Holy Eucharist I received everyday whispered to me kindly in a very silent voice.

“My beloved baby! Whenever I see you longing for me so fervently like that, I cannot help but feel so happy to the point of forgetting all the sins in the world.”

“Oh, my Lord! I am a mere unworthy sinner. But I am also very happy.”

“Yes, that’s it. I am living in the very heart of you who think of yourself as unworthy.”

“Lord, I am so grateful to You for loving me, an unworthy one, like this. Never leave me, but always be with me. Will You?”

“Of course, I will always live and stay in a little soul like you every moment.”

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