The Way of Love for the Lord
(Julia Kim's intimate Conversations with Our Lord by His Guidance)

7. When Clara Kim’s son couldn’t defecate (January of 1981)

Chapter 7.  When Clara Kim’s son couldn’t defecate (January of 1981)

Clara Kim, who had been healed of hemorrhoid and uterine prolapse a few days ago, brought to me his son who couldn’t defecate for some days. It happened that Mr. Paul Lee and some volunteer helpers of charismatic renewal movement in Gwangju were with me at that time. I was happy to pray together. If I had been alone, I would have hesitated to pray or would not have prayed for him.* 
As I was freed from pressure, I prayed for him, holding him in my arms. Moments later, my abdomen began to churn and ache. After a while, I passed gas with a sound. The sound of the gas which passed from me in spite of myself was similar to that of a cute child. But my cheeks turned red with embarrassment as there were also some men present.
At that moment, Paul Lee said, “Julia, how could you pass gas like that?” I replied, “As I passed gas instead of the baby, maybe he will defecate.” He teased me saying, “As you feel embarrassed, you talk like that, don’t you?” 
Then I took off the baby’s clothes and diaper, and was surprised to find that the baby was defecating so much. He felt ashamed, saying,” Julia, I am sorry. Even though I have witnessed various times that you suffer pains for others so that they may receive healing, I embarrassed you, not tolerating your passing gas today. 
A senior as I am to you, I am ashamed of myself.” Instantly I replied, “Sir, I am okay. If I feel humiliated while working for the Lord, won’t it be rather a great glory?” As soon as I said that I should be grateful to him for that, I heard the voice of the Lord.
“Yes, My little baby! How can I not love you as you think like that? You are My love whom I can put into My eyes without feeling any pain. As I will always be with you, I wish you to remain always beside Me as pure a soul as this.”
“Oh, my Love, my Lord! As You love this unqualified sinner like this, I am overcome with Your Love.”
* Many people were healed through Julia’s prayer. Then, they expressed their gratitude to her for their healings. But Julia always emphasized that it was not she, but the Lord who healed them, adding that she was a mere instrument used just for a little while by the Lord. That is why Julia was happy to pray together because then nobody could see by whose prayer the healing occurred while several people prayed together.

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