The Way of Love for the Lord
(Julia Kim's intimate Conversations with Our Lord by His Guidance)

3. You laid a steppingstone for saving our love. (August 28, 1980)

Chapter 3.  You laid a steppingstone for saving our love. (August 28, 1980) 

Next day, the customer came back together with a man. The two appeared to be friendly to each other. I was surprised and wondered who the man was. When I looked at her, she made a sheepish smile and, pulling the man’s hand toward her, said awkwardly, “Uh... This is my husband.” 
Then, she said, “Actually, after my visit here yesterday, I gradually realized that everything had been my fault. When I spoke to my husband as you had told me and explained what had happened here yesterday, he became overjoyed and asked where the beauty salon was located. He said that we should go to the beauty salon right away and thank you for helping us start a new life. That is how we are here now.” 
She continued, “We made a firm resolution to love each other more, understand each other more, and live together well. Our relationship could have been broken, but you laid a steppingstone for saving our love.” Both she and her husband said, “Thank you.”
As I was listening to her, warm tears of gratitude kept flowing down from my eyes. I thought, “It was not me who did this. Despite my unworthiness, weakness, and sinfulness, Our Lord, Who is Love Itself, did not refuse my prayer but granted it.” Warm tears of gratitude and joy continued flowing down from my eyes. 
So, I said to the couple, “No, don’t thank me. I didn’t do anything. It was the Lord who loves you so much that He restored your love. Therefore, thank the Lord, and from now on, live with a heart of thanksgiving to the Lord.” The couple said, “Yes, of course. We will begin going to the Catholic church.” The husband also asked me to cut his hair. 
So I began cutting his hair after making the Sign of the Cross and praying the prayer of life. When I finished, he said, “Wow! This was the best haircut that I have ever had since my birth! Can I come back next time for another haircut?” His wife seemed very surprised, because, whenever she had asked her husband to get a haircut at a beauty salon, he had bluntly and persistently refused. She seemed very pleased. 
At that moment, I heard a gentle and kind voice of the Lord as if tenderly touching and passing by my ear:
“My beloved little soul! Your heart of sweet love, which wishes to give peace to a soul in trouble, not only gives joy to that soul but also fills My wounded Heart with joy.”
“Oh, my Lord! I only did what I was supposed to do.” I replied.

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