The Way of Love for the Lord
(Julia Kim's intimate Conversations with Our Lord by His Guidance)

1. The Lord changed the appearance of a 33 year-old housewife into that of a 19 year-old girl. (August 15, 1980)

Chapter 1. The Lord changed the appearance of a 33 year-old housewife into that of a 19 year-old girl. (August 15, 1980)

As I look back over 33 years of my past life, there have been bitter pains like the ripping up of my flesh, but God’s blessing that flows like a river has come to me as a flood of love.
The Lord of love, with His Precious Blood of the Cross, washed and healed my suffering body and soul, and all my unhealed wounds, and let me drink the water of eternal life from the spring of salvation. My thirst was quenched completely and my soul regained vitality. He even changed my appearance to look like a 19-year old girl.
As a result, when I got on the bus, the driver charged me a student fare instead of an adult fare without checking my age, while demanding student ID from real students. My companions became stunned at this several times.
One day my family went out on a picnic, when a young man seemingly in his mid twenties said to me, “Young lady, let us meet and talk for a while.” I said, “Oh, my goodness! These are my children.” He told me to stop lying and asked my children, “Isn’t this your aunt?” “This is our Mother.” said my children. He exclaimed, “Oh! Young lady, you have taught them well.” He refused to believe us to the end.
Another day when I got on the bus with my aunt, a college student said to me, “Miss, would you go out with me?” Although I replied that I was a housewife, he didn’t believe me, saying, “Oh! You are quick with a joke.”
These misunderstandings continued. Even when I opened a beauty salon, those who had mistaken me for an unmarried woman continued to follow me around. This was very hard for me. As I greeted customers cheerfully and treated them well in my beauty salon, they mistook me for an employee, saying, “This salon has hired a good employee.” They talked down to me and even asked me to run errands instead of my employee who was in her twenties. 
Here is another thing that happened to me once. A man came to my salon and asked me, “Is this a beauty salon run by Mrs. Hong-Seon Yoon*?” At that time I had been doing a customer’s hair. When I looked at him in the mirror, I found that he was a cousin close to me.
When I said gladly, “It’s me”, he replied with a tilt of his head, “Sorry, but you are not Hong-Seon.” When I told him what his name was and where he was from, he said, “Uh! Then, you are really Hong-Seon. How is it that you became so young?” It had been just one year since we met each other at his younger sister’s wedding. I stayed at his house to congratulate her on her wedding. So I thought it was impossible for him not to recognize me. My appearance changed so much to the point where he couldn’t recognize me. The Lord made me look so young.
My husband frequented my hair salon on a motorcycle everyday but my children seldom did. So those people around who had never seen my children misunderstood that I was his concubine and spoke ill of me. However, everything in the world was seen so beautiful in my eyes that there was nothing I was not happy with.
“Oh, my Lord! You raised up even the dead. Now, haven’t You made me, a 33-year old housewife, look this young like a child?” 
Then I heard a silent, but gentle voice of the Lord.
“Yes, My beloved daughter! Now that you were born again spiritually and physically, I will bring you up as an infant wrapped in swaddling clothes and use you as an instrument. As you are My little baby who is going to embrace many people and console their concerns and sorrow, follow Me unswervingly.”


* Hong-Seon Yoon is Julia Kim’s Korean name.


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